by Jon Middleton

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Recorded in January of 2011 in Victoria, B.C. with Stephen Franke at Blue Heron Studios.


released April 4, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephen Franke.
All songs written and performed by Jon Middleton



all rights reserved


Jon Middleton Victoria, British Columbia

Jon Middleton is a musician and songwriter from Victoria, B.C., Canada. He also plays in the group, 'Jon and Roy.'

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Track Name: On a Mountain
I went up on a mountain and I come back down
I went up on a mountain and I come x2

There's nothing new but a girl, I say I do
There's nothing new but a girl

I went out on a river and I rolled around
I went out on a river and I rolled
I went out on a river and I almost drowned
I went out on a river and I rolled

There's nothing new but a girl, I say I do
There's nothing new but a girl
Track Name: In the Clouds
Oh my darling, my babe
All the loving that I gave
With you in the morning
and at the nights beginning

And I kiss you on your lips
With my hand upon your hip
While you are warm beside me
Where I like you to be

I had a dream I was flying
Up in the clouds, very high
And one thought was coming clear
All I want's already here
Track Name: Going South
Go wandering off on a path that looks soft
The Leaves are all green on that grounds quite a scene
And the air it is warm as a tropical storm
And I'll wait in the woods for that old time again

Sitting out here and I'm twirling my hair
A feeling of dread slowly filling my head
And an old records on but its sounding all wrong
As a breeze starts to blow through my open window

As I go to get up a mountain erupts
And debris starts to fall on this island so small
Ashes and stone, I'm a man all alone
As the ground starts to glow, all the ash turns to snow

So out in the cold I do go very bold
And without many clothes my skin's getting frozen
I'm moving fast 'till I see you at last
And as clear as the day I am in it all the way
Track Name: Long and Tall
Well you need to see the things that you long to see
And you've found that in this town there's ways that you long to be
My baby's long and tall, she's got everything
But she's got to go away

Well it seems that I'm doing fine
Cuz I've known the troubles that are mine
And now I find they don't weigh down on me

And we're rolling along, yeah we're rolling along
She calls me out, she calls me home

and I've got a drum, yes I've got a drum
and I'm going to beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it..............
Track Name: Under the Moon
We were standing under the moon and the stars
And a blue light blanketed all we could see
The water below, was sparkling
And a breeze was blowing warm through the trees

I looked down on that night scene and my mind went clean
And I stared into the glittering sea
As the moon hung still and bright
My eyes were filled with an electric light

Oh, and I saw it in that light
Track Name: Envisioning You
I was out on the road
Travelling with no abode
Waking without the sun
In the dark our car did run

But oh, I was envisioning you
Oh I was envisioning you

Now I'm away from home
Lonely but not alone
Driving up high and slow
Through the tall mountains and snow

But oh, I was envisioning you
Oh I was envisioning you
Track Name: A Different View
Through another person's eyes
I was watching a past scene
I saw the day was full of charms
At the time I hadn't seen

I saw people dancing there
Some were old and some were young
And I had been unaware
Of their smiling in the sun

Oh my heavy little head
With its thinking big and small
Saw the thoughts I'd had that day
Didn't matter, not at all